Freedom Planet's high speed, 16-bit era action platforming clearly appeals to some Kickstarter fans, achieving $6,000 in funding (300% of the original goal) in its first few days. I gushed about the game in August, and it now has an updated Windows demo with more physics and polish, along with a second playable character.

Those who pledge $10 are promised the game and a Steam key if it passes Greenlight. Depending on the amount of funding Galaxy Trail receives, the team may be able to finish the game during 2013. They are also looking for funding to export the game to other platforms, including Mac, Steam, XNA, iOS, and potentially Android and HTML5.

I'm curious what readers think of Freedom Planet's two themes: the one at the beginning of the video and the one that starts at 1:50. I have my favorite (the end one), but lead programmer Stephen DiDuro told me he'd go with either version that was more popular. Granted, this vote is not as important to the game's future as a Greenlight vote or Kickstarter pledge, but wonder how many of our readers feel strongly about game music.