Voodoo will be Ayramen's first game, and it's quite the beauty. This point and click title even adds an element of danger, since players can actually die. This death mechanic, developer Abraham Rojo tells me, is to "avoid the player tapping everywhere, without consequences." According to Ayramen's website, players "must help the doll to solve puzzles and riddles to move through the different levels," too.

Ayramen is currently a 3-man team in Spain: Abraham Rojo, Flavio Díaz, and Miguel García. Right now, iOS is the only platform Rojo has confirmed, despite my asking about Windows and Mac ports. Hopefully the team will also bring the point-and-click adventure to PC in 2013, because frankly, touchscreens don't let you click anything.

Pretty photos of Voodoo are after the jump: