After months of being in Beta for PCs, DataSmugglers' "unfair" MMORTS Ironfell is available to play for free on Android, most browsers, Mac, and Windows, with an iOS release forthcoming. The unfair advantage comes from the imbalance Ironfell allows. The longer people play, the more resources they get, and the stronger they become.

Your goal is not so simple: build your units and terrain to conquer over 42,000 realms on land and sea. Since Ironfell's mid-2012 beta release, it has added resource trading, epic ocean realms, naval battles and castles to its gameplay. Future expansions will include dinosaurs and time machines, too.

Those unsure where to start should check out this Ironfell beginner's guide. Players wanting stat and inventory boosts can visit the modestly priced extra resources store, too.