I haven't finished playing through the completed, freeware (yet, hopefully, not final) version of Actual Sunlight. Why? Because I'm already convinced this game is a masterpiece and want to experience it at its very best, which will apparently only happen if the game's IndieGoGo fundraising campaign reaches its goal and graces Actual Sunlight with shiny new graphics and sounds.

But, I am pretty sure, you'd like to know what Actual Sunlight is all about. Fair enough... According to its developer it "is a short interactive story about love, depression and the corporation". It also and most objectively is a text-heavy game that kicks things off by asking the one question that always made sense: Why Kill Yourself Today When You Could Masturbate Tomorrow? Oh, yes, it's a pretty mature game too, though happily not "mature" by merely being at times naughty and at times depressing.

No. This is an excellently written game designed by an adult and aimed at adults. A game that is both personal and universal. A game that manages to comment on society by simultaneously being bitterly funny, cynical, touching, enlightening, sad, sarcastic and desperately hopeful.