bitsummit.jpgBitSummit will hold its first day-long summit in Kyoto, Japan March 9, 2013, aiming to connect international media and digital publishing platforms (such as Steam) with the thriving indie development scene in Japan. Interpreters will be provided for the event. The event is free, but attendees must RSVP in advance.

James Mielke heads the initiative, bringing his experience as former editor-in-chief at Electronic Gaming Monthly and, development experience for Q Entertainment, and current production experience for PixelJunk developer Q-Games.

The mission seems beneficial to all parties: "Help the independent Japanese video game developer get his work in front of a global audience, in front of a European, Latin American, and North American audience. Help the Western markets learn about, anticipate, and appreciate Japan's home-grown video games, created by teams as small as a single person, or by teams as big as 50 people."

Mielke told me he hopes this to be a yearly event. As a former Kansai resident, I'm completely ecstatic for BitSummit. I can't wait to attend a future event!