art game.png"Experience the exhilaration of making art you really believe in! Experience the agony of rejection by the curatorial team! Consider selling out and just making what people seem to want! Change your mind again and follow your dreams! Be a star of the art world! Be a horrible failure! Be an artist!"

That's Pippin Barr's Art Game, from the words of the creator. You'll play games similar to Tetris, Snake, and a two-player Asteroids and record them for a curator to judge, hoping to get them shown in a gallery. I'm not sure if it's the the success or the failure that is considered art, here, because your game over screen is what seems to make the curator happy. Such is the art game, no?

Related to the game, I wondered if painting does feel like playing Snake. The squiggles my Snake body become look chaotic, almost like abstract art. I suppose there's also an analogy to never knowing when art is "complete" and how Snake never feels completed (the game eventually beats you before you beat it).

[source: @doougle]