Sophie Houlden has released her vector-graphics action-puzzler Swift*Stitch as both a free downloadable game for Windows, Mac, and Linux and as a freely playable browser game (Unity plugin required).

Previously priced at $6.99 when it launched last year, Swift*Stitch went on to star in Indie Royale's July Jubilee Bundle. It's well worth your time -- its simple control scheme belies the challenging levels within, many of which tax your reflexes as well as your brain's ability to process sudden changes in direction.

"My relationship with the game is thus," Houlden explains. "The game has paid for itself (more or less), I think it is kind of neat. But I also hate it because it's not the kind of game I want to spend my time working on, especially if it can't pay for me to work on the games I really do care about. It is a fun little arcade thing, with a couple of interesting design and mechanic things happening. I don't think the world is significantly better for me having made it."

I like Swift*Stitch, but I can respect Houden's decision to abandon it in favor of more fulfilling projects. Houlden has since released a Linux version of Rose&Time, though she notes that she may not remain a full-time indie for much longer, due to financial concerns. Good luck, Sophie!

Swift*Stitch is also available as a free download via Desura.