king of the wood.pngDeveloper allen describes The King of the Wood as "a short fps that rips off deus ex and blade runner and many other things" in a TIGS post. That seems rather accurate, too. You are a hit man for hire, "retiring" an unlicensed cyborg that's taken up residence in a big mansion for several months.

You have to do a bit of walking around to find what objects you can interact or get drunk with (by hitting "E") and be quick to kill robots that chase after you (bastards take four bullets, reload with "R"). Scattered around the mansion are also books with excerpts from writer Lee Williams that add to the intrigue of this cyborg hit man FPS.

I think its premise and non-military, non-voxel FPS style should warrant your time. We can spoil some of the tips to advance in the game in the comments, but why not give The King of the Wood a try first?