Factorio is a game about building and managing factories on another planet while fending off unwelcoming natives. It's part RTS, 4X and RPG and draws inspiration from Transport Tycoon, Civilization, Dune II and Minecraft. Factorio's developers have launched an Indiegogo campaign to finish production and included a pre-alpha demo for Windows, Linux, and Mac users.

Developer Tomas Kozelek spoke rather honestly about the game's current state, admitting the combat mechanics and graphics need work. "The biggest emphasis in the game is on building things and automation," he shared. "To build an efficient factory, the player works with transport belts, robotic arms, automated crafting machines, programmable signals, logistic robots, storage containers, [and more]."

The developers seek 17.000€ in funding to polish Factorio by June 2013. 7€ ($9.50) and 10€ ($13.50) pledges will net a digital copy of the game.