PlayStation_Vita.png[Edit; contest is over.] We have gathered four great indie games (and four extra codes of one great indie game) to celebrate the PlayStation Vita's first birthday. First edition bundle aside, PlayStation Vita released to North America on February 22, 2012.

The Vita has had a challenging first year, but more and more indies are putting their games on the console, with some extra special announcements just around the corner. The $99 PlayStation Mobile SDK makes it rather easy for an indie to self-publish on the device, too!

Hotline Miami, A Virus Named Tom, Frozen Synapse: Tactics, and Lone Survivor are just some of the games headed to the device. While they're all great PC titles, the Vita will provide tactile controls and its sexy OLED screen to help these games shine on the go. I certainly wouldn't want to play Hotline Miami with virtual controls!

Anyway, onto the games giveaway! 1 winner will get Retro City Rampage, Knytt Underground, Big Sky Infinity, and Mutant Blobs Attack codes redeemable on the North American PlayStation Store. 4 runners-up will get a code for Mutant Blobs Attack. Winners will be chosen Sunday at 4PM EST. All you have to do is tweet the following message:

"Happy 1st Birthday, @PlayStation Vita! TY for the games @BossBaddieGames @NicklasNygren @drinkboxstudios @RetroCR @ripstonegames."

Winners will be chosen at random. Make sure you follow @indiegamescom so we can send you the codes.