dagon.pngSenscape's Dagon engine has been open-sourced! And, yes, it's the very same and apparently extraordinarily sleek engine that will be powering horror adventure The Asylum and thus an engine specifically designed for the creation of modern, cutting edge adventure games.

Dagon is still under heavy development, mind you, but you can grab it and enjoy is relatively simple, Lua-based scripting language and impressive performance right here. It already supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, is obviously freeware, and will at the very least allow you to mod Asylum. Or create something entirely original like Adamantus.

Keep in mind that, though flexible, Dagon mainly allows for the creation of node-based, pseudo-3D adventure games. It allows for huge environments, provides with a menagerie of transition effects, obviously supports panoramic rotation at each node and seems to be powerful enough to run smoothly on lower spec machines. Oh, and it also effortlessly does graphical effects, cut-scenes, dialogue, puzzles and inventory management.