The time for the Ithaka of the Clouds IndieGoGo fundraising campaign has come and, if you value unique, literary, beautiful, artistic, politically significant and actually mature games you must really support it. It will after all be a huge game about two troll lovers searching for the fabled city of Ithaka of the Clouds. A bittersweet offering inspired by one of the greatest Greek poets who ever lived and a game filled with hundreds of weird and wonderful books, mushrooms, puns, humour, philosophy, extraordinary places, odd creatures, amazing characters and, traditionally, walls of glorious text.

What's more, and for the first time in a Lands of Dream game, Ithaka of the Clouds will come with a new crafting system (trolls, you see, are builders of things), puzzles with multiple solutions and two playable characters. The stunning, hand drawn graphics by Verena Kyratzes and Chris Christodoulou's soundtrack will of course still be present and will, along with Jonas' sublime writing, make sure the game is as magical as its predecessors.

Ithaca of the Clouds, despite being the big and ambitious game it will be, has set its funding goal at a modest $12,000. As for the perks, well, a mere $10 will get you a DRM-free copy of the game, $15 will also provide you with the soundtrack, whereas more generous gamers will get way more exotic stuff ranging from hand-crafted game boxes and books to artwork and a complete, new game created just for them!