Four Winds Fantasy and Cave Rescue developer Quikding (formerly Quimdung) has released Warping War Pig, a free iOS game that offers an inventive take on Jetpack Joyride's core concepts.

Warping War Pig is an endless side-scrolling action game in which you must avoid incoming obstacles and take out as many enemies as possible before your inevitable demise. As in Jetpack Joyride, your character flies upward when you touch the screen, though he does so slowly -- it's often quite challenging to weave between the space debris thrown your way.

In an interesting twist, though, Warping War Pig also allows you to teleport anywhere on-screen by drawing a line toward your destination. This mechanic adds more depth to the experience than you might imagine; until you become skilled in its application, you'll find yourself teleporting to your doom more often than not. Couple this with a hands-off combat system (your character automatically targets and destroys any enemies within range), and the result is one of the more complex games of its type, and one of the most interesting.

You'll start out poorly armed and with little in the way of maneuverability, but Warping War Pig features an in-game shop in which you can purchase an assortment of upgrades and power-ups using the currency you collect during your journey. Amusingly, you may also opt to purchase 100,000 currency units via a single 99-cent in-app purchase -- given the low price of the shop items, I'm assuming that this should be more than enough to pay for every upgrade on offer. Good stuff.