Ithaca.pngFollowing the release of the oneiric and wonderful The Sea Will Claim Everything (an Top 2012 game) Jonas Kyratzes has finally announced the next Lands of Dream game; the brilliantly named Ithaka of the Clouds. A game inspired by the works of Greek poet Kavafis (whose sensual poetry is simply sublime) and, also, a game about two trolls. Two journeying gay trolls in search of the legendary city of Ithaka of the Clouds.

The game, which will once again feature the visual talents of Verena Kyratzes and the music of Chris Christodoulou, will be even bigger than TSWCE, with more detailed graphics and, crucially, many more words and the most majestic walls of magnificent text ever. Excitingly, what with Jonas' trolls being ingenious builders of things, Ithaka will feature both crafting and puzzles with multiple solutions. Oh, and you'll most probably get to play as each of the two, differently skilled protagonists.

Ithaka of the Clouds, possibly the last major and most ambitious Lands of Dream game, will try and get itself funded via an IndieGoGo campaign that will very soon launch. So, uhm, watch this space! Also, that one too.