Thumbnail image for The Witness 440 puzzles.pngBraid developer Jonathan Blow will bring The Witness to the PlayStation 4, he announced at Sony's press event today. Specifically, PlayStation 4 will be the only console The Witness will appear on during the game's "release window," Blow said.

Blow also revealed the game's first trailer at the PlayStation 4 event. The trailer is under heavy stress, but it is embedded after the jump.

The developer stated on Twitter that its blog "is completely hammered and inoperable due to the PlayStation 4 coverage," and it appears that the trailer may experience similar issues.

Blow clarifies on Twitter, "Because we are a small team, there was going to be a de facto console exclusive; we can only target so many platforms...So in terms of the consoles, we just had to pick which one we were going to be on first."

The trailer's YouTube page says that it "will be released on the PC, iOS, and PlayStation 4... and eventually, several other platforms." The initial release was last scheduled for some time in 2013.