Himalaya Studios, the very same team that released those spectacular and happily freeware Sierra adventure game remakes as AGD Interactive and the very same people that created the Al Emmo point-and-clickable Western game, are now working on their most exciting project to date. On Mage's Initiation, a pixel-art RPG/adventure hybrid inspired by Quest for Glory that features all sorts of bells and whistles and looks lovely in its high(er) resolution glory, but also needs your help. Give it to it via Kickstarter and effectively pre-order the completed game for as low as $16.

Having already played through an early tech demo I can assure you Mage's Initiation is looking very impressive indeed, what with its whimsical setting, beautiful graphics, great writing and sleek interface. Oh, and even that early glimpse of RPG combat was much better than I could have possibly expected.