Brotherly indie team Flippfly launched a Kickstarter project this week for Race the Sun, an endless low-altitude racer for Windows and Mac that boasts a collection of unique multiplayer elements.

Citing inspiration from Star Fox and Temple Run, Race the Sun features procedurally generated level layouts that change daily. As you race, however, you'll encounter portals that lead to alternate worlds created by other players. Flippfly notes that the game will be packaged with powerful world-creation tools, to encourage the proliferation of user-created levels.

Race the Sun is also built around an asynchronous cooperative multiplayer mode in which players can resume a teammate's progress after death. Team members can continue to join in until the team's life force is fully depleted, and a combined score will be posted to a multiplayer-specific leaderboard afterward.

Race the Sun's funding goal is set at $20,000. Backer rewards include a downloadable copy of the game upon release ($10), beta testing access ($30), and custom in-game quotes ($75), among other bonuses.