Ichi developer Stolen Couch Games has launched a new Green Light Bundle featuring nine indie-developed games for a price of your choosing (minimum $5).

Bundle buyers will receive DRM-free downloadable copies and Desura keys (where applicable) for the following titles:

- Paranormal (Windows, Mac)
- Beware Planet Earth! (Windows only)
- Hairy Tales (Windows, Mac)
- Dwarf Quest (Windows, Mac)
- Depth Hunter (Windows only)
- Potatoman Seeks the Troof (Windows, Mac)
- Megabyte Punch (Windows, Mac)
- Gear Jack (Windows, Mac)
- Aeon Command (Windows, Mac)

All featured games are currently up for vote on Steam Greenlight. A portion of bundle proceeds will be devoted to the Green Light Fund, a Stolen Couch-run initiative that will partially finance projects created by struggling indie developers.