Switch Force.pngWayForward's Austin Ivansmith revealed that a sequel to last year's panel-switching platformer Mighty Switch Force is on the way to the 3DS eShop during the first half of 2013, he said via a live chat with Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes. This marks the first sequel for the "Mighty" series that began as DSiWare in 2009.

The game's protagonist, Patricia Wagon, will be returning, but she will be doing something other than police work. I'm happy to report that Jake "Virt" Kaufman will work on the soundtrack, too.

Of particular note, Ivansmith seems optimistic when asked about having WayForward games to Steam. "We don't, not right now.... hopefully we will." I followed up with Ivansmith about this and will update if he responds.

Finally, I wanted to point out that The Sup, Holmes? series has been rather indie-focussed as of late. I posted a couple extra talks along with Ivansmith's full talk after the jump to enjoy.

Bonus indie chats:

Nels Anderson of Klei


[source: Destructoid]