questlord.pngGranted, it may look like an unassuming take on the Dungeon Master/Eye of the Beholder formula on first glance, but QuestLord is much more than that. It is a wonderfully pixelated dungeon hacking RPG romp that sports quite a bit more than mere, well, dungeon hacking and even feels more satisfying (well, so far, haven't finished the thing yet) than indie hit Legend of Grimrock.

QuestLord, you see, is built around an excellent interface that perfectly fits our touchscreens and feels absolutely intuitive, provided of course you've played a tile-based RPG before. Add the huge gameworld, the dozen of NPCs, the optional rogue-like game mode, the city and wilderness maps, the little touches and a most enjoyable combat system to that and you have a great and addictive game that will last you for hours.

QuestLord is available for both Android and iOS devices.