piratebay-anodyne.pngReleased in early February, Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka's Zelda-esque action RPG Anodyne has dropped from $8 to $1+, as part of a Pirate Bay promotion until Monday. Windows, Mac, and Linux users can grab the file to experience the game and pay what they wish on Anodyne's main site or simply vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Curiously enough, this Pirate Bay promotion, or Promo Bay, allows users to "pay" via digital currency called BitCoin. Hogan said this was for people who can't pay via Credit Card or Paypal. He also managed to expedite the Humble Store widget to have it in place for this promotion, saying the Humble team was quick to reply.

Anodyne joins other indie games such as McPixel and Hotline Miami that have recently embraced piracy to varying degrees.

At the very least, Anodyne has now become ridiculously affordable and offers a nice Zelda-style adventure for your weekend.