midwinter.pngChristopher Jon Wild, the indie developer responsible for the brilliant remake of Mike Singleton's classic The Lords of Midnight, has announced his plans to work on remaking one more game of the late genius: Midwinter. Yes, the 16-bit 3D exploration, strategy, RPG, adventure survival-sim that caused thousands of jaws to drop 20 years ago (and introduced the sniper rifle) will hopefully be getting the remake that Singleton had been considering.

Though the project has yet to get properly off the ground, the most important step has indeed been taken. Christopher wrote:

"I've spoken with Mike's family and had the 'all clear' there. I've also spoken with Dave Gautrey who was the Maelstrom developer on the original ST and AMIGA version. He is interested in getting involved as a consultant to the project. I've also had early conversations with someone who could help drive the project forward, and help with the hoops required for trying to raise funding."

This being a most ambitious project, it will require a decent budget, a sizable team and one to two years in the making. Oh, and interested parties should definitely get involved and help make it happen. Besides, Christopher has also mentioned something about The Lords of Midnight: 30th Anniversary Edition.