rhythemup2.pngAs a lover of rhythm games and shmups on their own, the premise of Rhyth'em Up sounds blasphemous. And yet, the game ties the action to the the beat quite well, including the player and enemy shots, background, and more. Players have to dodge bullets while being in the right area to hit or hold the beat and unleash more powerful attacks to take down enemies. The game starts out a bit easy, but the final stage certainly gives a reason to upgrade the ship with all those earned points!

Developer Moses Bounty told me that he made the game last summer but only released it last week. I've played randomly generated shooting games that use a player's music library, and they often don't pull off the stage design I enjoy. Bounty's hand-crafted levels, however, work just fine.

rhythemup.pngTo make this fun game even better, I wish for a little more enemy firepower and challenge. I also wish the enemies took damage more visibly, maybe even with some parts chipping away. Lastly, I would prefer key input as an alternative to mouse input. I just don't think a mouse click works for me for rhythm precision.

Minor complaints aside, I still played the heck out of the game and think you should try Rhyth'em Up, too. The final, crucial laser-note makes the end to every song-stage very satisfying!

[source: One Game A Month]