The Cat that Got the Milk creators Ollie Clark, Helana Santos, Chris Randle, and Jon Mann return with another ultra stylish freeware title, The Button Affair. It's part auto-runner, part platformer staged in the 1950s-60s Jet-Set era and features a classic heist story line that begs for a full-featured expansion.

The Button Affair: now with 100% more buttons! (Feel free to use that one later.) Whereas The Cat was a two-button game, players must use all four arrows here. Players can press the right arrow key to walk forward in stealthy areas and to run faster in others. Players must also jump or duck with the up and down keys. Finally, to activate the save spots, players will use all four arrows to mimic the code.

Messing up anywhere prompts a slick death scene that doesn't last too long to get stale. The action may not be too intense for seasoned Canabalt-ers, but the hand-crafted levels and gorgeous visuals will hook you to the end.

TheButtonAffair_ShutYourBeak.jpgThe developers are running a special campaign for its release, too. Fans can donate £1 to Special Effect either by via this JustGiving page or by texting enzo50£1 to 70070 to donate £1 for building gadgets for disabled gamers.

TheButtonAffair_VictorsHouse.jpgIf the team raises £250, it will buy a specially modified joystick that can be loaned out to disabled people who have difficulty using their hands to master a standard games controller. £1000 will buy the complex mounting and switching equipment needed for a severely disabled person with very little body movement to enjoy the benefits of computer games.

TheButtonAffair_Lvl2_JailBreak.jpgThese developers impress once again with a great game to play for free and an added cause. Windows and Mac users can download The Button Affair here.