A Kickstarter project Mentok would surely approve of, five developers seek to let players control a game with their minds in the aptly titled Throw Trucks With Your Mind.

Developer Caspian Priebe wrote in to describe the project. "Players wear an EEG headset and use their thoughts to control in-game telekinesis. The players have no weapons apart from their telekinetic powers and must battle by picking things up (not just trucks!) and smashing the other players with them."

Priebe says that it also has interesting accessibility considerations as a hands-free game. "EEG headsets have also been used to treat ADD/ADHD, so Throw Trucks may be beneficial in that respect as well!"

Those with a NeuroSky's MindWave headset laying around can go for the lower tiers and secure a digital copy for March 2014 at $25. Otherwise, the $125 tier may be more appropriate to get also the peripheral (or buy it direct for $80).

The project has earned over $9,000 of its $40,000 goal in its first day.