mirrorman.jpgMirror Man is a cross between a free-roaming Arkanoid and a bullet hell without your own weapons. Developer ウィア (pronounced Wia) has just released this Windows freeware that asks you to control your ship with WASD or arrow keys and mouse to dodge and reflect enemy fire power to win.

You make mirrors with the left mouse button to reflect the bullets, turning them harmless and blue. To destroy the enemy, you must reflect the blue bullet at least five times to make the shot strong enough, while dodging the relentless enemy shots. To dodge more carefully, you can slow your ship down with the right mouse button.

Finally, to remind you of your frequent failure, the game keeps a counter of how many times your ship is destroyed in the upper left-hand corner. Can you reach the presumed end, that I have not? Give Mirror Man a try for free.