Orbitron: Revolution developer Firebase has launched Arcadecraft, a unique simulation title for the Xbox Live Indie Games service that puts players in charge of an arcade in the 1980s.

Players have a variety of options available, and there are many paths you can take (some sleazier than others) in an attempt to turn a profit. After you start, for instance, you can only afford to stock your arcade with a few cabinets, so you may be tempted to jack up credit costs and mess around with difficulty dip switches in order to make some quick cash off of unassuming customers.

If your games are too hard or too expensive, however, they'll suffer a drop in popularity, so you need to strike a careful balance in order to keep players happy. It's a great concept -- I especially like how new games and manufacturers are introduced as gameplay progresses. It's easy enough to make money off of Space Invaders and Lunar Landers clones in 1980, but your customers will clamor for newer, more expensive games as they're released, making for an interesting challenge.

Arcadecraft is priced at 240 Microsoft points ($3), and is up for vote on Steam Greenlight.