avant_garde.pngRoleplaying games usually deal with orcs and elves or, if you are eclectic enough in your tastes, with sci-fi societies on the brink of collapse. Avant-Garde also happens to be a roleplaying game, but there's neither an orc nor a boltgun to be found in it and, thusly, it ends up being an incredibly smart game that lets you live out a fantasy much different to the one of the hairy barbarian.

In Avant-Garde you are playing as an artist in post-revolutionary Paris (interestingly in pre-revolutionary Paris too); a character whose stats are all about Color, Expression and Form and also a character who might end up changing the history of the visual arts. You'll get to talk to Manet, improve on your technique, join schools and movements and, if you are good enough, create sublime paintings all the while listening to some exquisite 19th century music.

Frankly, Avant-Garde is, despite its alpha state, already brilliant, and should you be interested in helping shape how this apparent masterpiece (heh) will end up, well, its sub-reddit is for you.

(via Rock Paper Shotgun)