"How can we keep someone's memory alive?" Ms Vision by Proxy asks players upon start up. The answer I have derived: by ripping people's eyeballs out! Okay, not quite, but that's the central mechanic of Ms Vision by Proxy, a puzzle platformer playable on Newgrounds and Kongregate.

Chris DeLeon and his Georgia Institute of Technology student team have made a fun follow up to Vision by Proxy Second Edition, where players once again ocular-ly accost helpless humans. The victims here include children, sailors, anime fans and more, with their perspectives used by the missus to find items to build a secret device.

The silver lining in this baby blue burglary is how each eyeball visually affects the stage, allowing for objects to become usable and areas to become accessible. The titular character's animation lacks fluidity, but I spent most of my time eyeballing the ever-changing backgrounds, anyway.