Indie Gala's newest Flash Bundle has launched, offering up a collection of six games for a price of your choosing ($1 minimum).

Pay any amount above the minimum and you'll receive DRM-free copies of Ice-pick Lodge's first-person adventure game Pathologic and Crimson Cow's The Abbey, along with a Steam key for Keen Software House's multiplayer-focused action game Miner Wars Arena.

Purchase the bundle for an amount that beats the minimum purchase price (currently $5.29) and you'll also receive D3's DLC-bundled giant bug shooter Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, Keen Software House's "6DOF action-survival space-shooter" Miner Wars 2081, Matt Cohen's haunting sim Paranormal, and an as-of-yet unnamed bonus game that will be unlocked near the end of the campaign's conclusion.