Indie Royale celebrates the debut of six indie games in its new Debut Bundle. Four are all new games or new versions, and two are the studio's debut game. All of the games are on Windows, four of the games are Mac games, and none of the games are on Steam. Most recent games don't debut on Steam nowadays, anyway, what with the Greenlight process.

The all new debuts are arcade RTS McDROID by Elefantopia and platformer 6180 The Moon by Turtle Cream and PokPoong Games. Games with new versions are Rockin' Android's shmup Cloudphobia and Flexile Studio's platformer Wimp: Who Stole My Pants?.

The studio debuts are Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - Ep. 1 The Hangman, an adventure game by Phoenix Online Studios and Master of Alchemy - Rise of the Mechanologists by Darkwave Games.

Those who pay $8 or more will receive Fearofdark's debut chiptune album: Motorway. The Debut Bundle has almost hit 5800 sales and has 3 days remaining.