goatup2.pngJeff Minter and Llamasoft return with another brilliant arcade offering for iOS and, this time around, even ask us to "unleash our inner Matthew Smith", which sounds very exciting indeed, but doesn't mean much to those gamers that weren't brought up with Mr. Smith's classic Manic Miner platformer. Anyway. I digress. The point is Goatup 2 has been released for iPhones and iPads, is an utterly amazing platformer and you must grab it immediately.

Oh, and it does come complete with a level editor, that, to use the Yak's exact words, will let you "design, test, export and share your own levels. Devise devilish caprine capers to share with the nanny and kids. Set testing ungulate-related challenges for your mates and work colleagues. Earn bonus points for not farting in front of the Queen!"