Indie studio Glass Bottom Games makes its mobile debut this week with the release of the autoscrolling, kitten-saving platformer Jones on Fire for iOS and Android.

Jones on Fire includes 10 levels, and the bouncy aesthetic makes it instantly likeable. Interestingly, Glass Bottom Games has tweaked the game significantly following an "abysmal" launch weekend, and has since decided to sell it as a paid app, rather than saddle it with in-app purchase content. Its creators explain that if the resulting product still fails, "it'll at least fail as a fun, honest, ethically­-balanced game."

"Free­-to-­play (F2P) didn't work at all for us," Glass Bottom's Megan Fox noted in a recent press release. "We thought we'd ticked off all the necessary boxes to lead to a successful F2P game, but it would seem right now, we're only a critical success. The numbers aren't good at all. The only way we could turn it into a F2P success, is if we had the ~$25k to advertise our way into the top grossing charts."

Fox continues: "The idea with switching to $1.99, and removing all IAPs, is that if the conventional wisdom with respect to F2P being the way to go doesn't apply to indies -­ then what else doesn't apply? Most will happily tell you that Android users don't monetize, that they don't pay for games, and yet indies recently have consistently reported higher income from Android, often substantially higher, and with fixed single­-price games. I'm inclined to believe their experience applies more to us than the rest of the conventional wisdom, so, we're going to try it."