One-man indie studio Uncade (David Byers, creator of Love Me Not) seeks Kickstarter funding for Another Castle, a multiplatform digital release that "combines classic platforming gameplay with the randomness of a roguelike."

"You play as Andy, a dude who's looking for a random item, whether it be a kick ass magical sword, a wizard hat, or royalty," Byers explains. "To find the item you must run, jump, and fight your way through a randomly generated castle. When you beat the game, you sadly won't get the item, as it's always in another castle. Instead, the item is now unlocked and can be found in future playthroughs of the game."

A prototype version is free to play online (Unity plugin required), with downloadable versions available for Windows and Mac. Backers who pledge $10 or more will receive DRM-free copies of Another Castle for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android upon completion, along with beta access during the game's development. Pledge $15 and you'll also receive the Wii U version, once it's available.

[via Joystiq]