Watch the kickstarter pitch posted above and you'll see a rather unique way of presenting ones project, while also finding out about Project Cornerstone; a cartoony, crafting powered, physics-based, open world action-RPG. Hit the jump and read an interview with the team behind said project.

So, Project Cornerstone; I take it this is not the final name of the game. Am I right?

No, we don't think. It's going to be the final name but we're sticking to it at the moment.

And what is Project Cornerstone?

An open world physics driven action adventure.

How did you decide on the rather unique for this kind of game artstyle?

As indie developers realism is often a bad idea; the cartoony style give us several advantages, assets are easier to create, it's also easier to create a consistency in the world and more processing power is left for the actual gameplay.

Why Kickstarter?

This is the kind of game that has been floating around in our minds for years and kickstarter felt like a good place to start this project.

How close is the game we can glimpse over at Kickstarter to the edition you will be releasing?

The production of the game has been going on for about 3 months, all the art is placeholder, but the toon shaders and vibrant colors is what we're going for. The gameplay you see in the videos are rough versions of some of our gameplay systems.

And when should we expect that?

Sometime in 2014. This is a tough one to answer at this time. We want to be realistic, we won't create a bigger game than we can polish; we will also scale the project in relation to the amount our kickstarter raises.

Is the creation of an open, physics-rich world that allows crafting as ridiculously complex as it sounds?

We know a physics driven game will never be as tight as an arcade experience and we do have the awesome "Unity" engine that gives us time to focus on the more creative parts. We don't see it as complex, we just need to build the world in a way that supports these features.

What about the RPG and puzzle sides of the game?

Quest structure: The game will feature a quest line with a similar structure to Grand Theft Auto (GTA) / Red dead Redemption: multiple quest lines, you choose the order in which you want to complete them.

Quest content: Most quests will involve multiple activities such as combat, puzzle solving, crafting, tactical platforming, traveling and also just using physics to interact with the world. We want to pace the game so that you long for certain types of game-play instead of getting tired of them.

Puzzle: Most puzzles will be in dungeons/caves, hard to reach places or just simply closed off areas and will always have a reward at the end. The hardest puzzles will be optional so you won't get stuck.

We will also add some smaller puzzles out in the world that will be completely optional, just to add some variation to areas and make them more interesting.

There will also be a rune system to enhance your character, but there's more information about this on our Kickstarter page.

Finally, are you feeling optimistic about the outcome of your fundraiser?

We did in the beginning but it is hard to keep the hopes up; we were hoping to have a community driven game but it seems like that is getting harder. With or without funding the game will get made, it's just a matter of time that we can put into it. And worst case we'll probably be back on Kickstarter once the game is a little more developed.

But our goal is not that high so you never know! ;)