Leon Sadler of UK art collective FAMICON (Bart the General, RE: Get to Schol on Time) has launched a Kickstarter project for The Unbreakable Chain, an evolution-themed game for Windows that boasts a unique premise and some truly striking artwork.

Citing inspiration from Grasshopper Manufacture's PlayStation 2 oddity Michigan: Report From Hell, The Unbreakable Chain includes eight stages, each of which revolves around a unique species-themed gameplay mechanic. Sadler hopes to raise £2,000 in order to put the finishing touches on the Windows version, while stretch goals of £3,000 and £4,000 will fund ports for iOS and the Xbox Live Indie Games service.

Backers who pledge £10 or more will receive a copy of the game for Windows upon completion. Other pledge rewards include digital copies of The Unbreakable Chain's soundtrack (created by Mars Matrix composer Yasushi Kaminishi), posters, original artwork, and homemade stoneware garden ornaments.