If this were a proper review of Runner 2, of the aptly named runner in the Bit.Trip series sporting the awesome Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien subtitle, I'd probably go on and compare Runner 2 to its illustrious predecessor, carefully weigh the importance of innovation versus mere refinement, try and judge the new drastically different visual style and maybe even make some sort of remark on the whole running-things genre.

Happily, this is not a review. It's a humble post simply reminding you that Runner 2 has been made available on every major platform from the Windows PC to the Wii U (but not the Atari Jaguar) and that I am having a fantastic time playing through my copy. I really wouldn't feel the need to write about it if I weren't. We have after all already covered the game's release.

Now, there's no sort of point I'm trying to make here. No general suggestions or anything. I just have to publicly admit that I can't get myself to stop playing this sadistic little game. It's tough, it requires no real thought, it's almost exactly what I thought a Bit.Trip Runner sequel would be (well, besides the graphics really; that was a surprise), it can be monstrously unfair, it doesn't really innovate, and yet I find it terrific. And beautiful. And a source of unlimited Schadenfreude. And a huge improvement over its already great predecessor too.

Oh, and Gaijin, those checkpoints were a mandatory improvement, as, of course, was the addition of the utterly brilliant dance button!

Anyway. Confession over.