As part of its recently announced efforts to court indie developers, Sony has revealed a lineup of several indie-produced games that are coming soon to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita via the PlayStation Network.

Sony announced that the Xbox Live Arcade hits Limbo and Spelunky are on their way to the PlayStation Vita later this year, accompanied by previously announced games like Velocity Ultra, Thomas Was Alone, Hotline Miami, and Luftrausers.

The 2D fighter parody Divekick is also coming to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Other featured titles include Rain (PS3), Metrico (PS Vita), and Guacamelee, the latter of which will launch April 9th.

A full list of announced games follows after the break below.

- Blacklight: Retribution - PS4
- Primal Carnage: Genesis - PS4
- Rain - PS3
- Divekick - PS3 and PS Vita
- Spelunky - PS3 and PS Vita
- Velocity Ultra - PS Vita
- Limbo - PS Vita
- Metrico - PS Vita
- Sportsfriends (including Johann Sebastian Joust, BaraBariBall, Hokra and Super Pole Riders) - PS3
- Ibb & Obb - PS3
- Guacamelee! - PS3 and PS Vita
- Hotline Miami - PS3 and PS Vita
- Dragon Fantasy Book II - PS3 and PS Vita
- Thomas Was Alone - PS3 and PS Vita
- Luftrausers - PS3 and PS Vita
- Friend Network App - PS Vita
- A Virus Named Tom - PlayStation Mobile
- Beatdown in Treachery City - PlayStation Mobile
- Crumble - PlayStation Mobile
- Crystallon - PlayStation Mobile
- Don't Wake the Bear - PlayStation Mobile
- Hermit Crab in Space! - PlayStation Mobile
- Oh, Deer! - PlayStation Mobile
- Rymndkapsel - PlayStation Mobile
- Ten By Eight - PlayStation Mobile