resonanceAwards.pngThey may not be as prestigious and career-changing as the illustrious IGF Awards, but, if you are interested in indie point-and-click adventures, the AGS Awards simply cannot be ignored. And, well, they will not be ignored.

So, who won best game? Why, Resonance of course; the sci-fi adventure by Wadjet Eye Games and xii games that also went on and grabbed the awards for Best Gameplay, Best Dialogue, Best Puzzles, Best Original Story, Best Background Art, Best Animation, Best Programming, Best Character Art, Best Voice Work, Best Sound Effects and Best Music.

As for the games that are not Resonance and won an award, we have ^_^ (Best Short Game), RAM Ghost (Best Non-Adventure Game), Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping Boots (Best Demo) and Ben Jordan 8 (Best Player Character, Best Non-Player Character).

The Lifetime Achievement Award went to the brilliant Ben304 and the Best Innovation Award to JJS for porting AGS to all sorts of platforms.