mine your step.pngSoldiers are little more than fleshy land mine detectors in the asynchronous, online war simulator Mine Your Step. Players step blindly into fields of cloaked mines towards a grey bunker, using the text clues and the blood of fallen (exploded) soldiers to guess where not to step.

So far around 150 soldiers have died to determine the paths to safety. Hopefully in future play throughs, their deaths will not have been in vain. Those morbidly curious can hover their mouse over the blood stains to see the names and time of death for each fallen online soldier.

I'm not sure how Green Slime's One Game A Month entry can be further fleshed out, but I imagine more incentives to see the next level may push people to play/die. I'd like to suggest maybe by adding enemies, weapons to use, strongholds to take down... but then it becomes an action war game.

Maybe more logic? More self-sacrifice (controlling a line of soldiers?) or flying body parts that also trigger mines? The developer has a few ideas of his own on his blog, where he revealed Futurama's Zapp Brannigan inspired the game.

As it stands, Mine Your Step seems a curious online experiment. Where do you think the developer can go with it?