Xbox Live Indie Games developer DizzyPixels has launched Voxel Runner, an autoscrolling 2D platformer that equips players with new abilities as they progress through its 30 included levels.

Voxel Runner plays somewhat like a combination of Bit.Trip Runner and The Impossible Game, though it's shorter than the former, and its checkpointing is more frequent and forgiving than the latter. While it's not particularly difficult at first, the game introduces new challenges frequently, and by the time you reach the final few levels, you'll be stringing together jumps, slides, and swings at an alarming rate.

(Bonus: if you enjoy hearing unskilled players scream and curse at their televisions, there are already several unwatchable playthrough videos up on YouTube. This basically proves that Voxel Runner is a worthy successor to The Impossible Game.)

Voxel Runner is priced at 80 Microsoft points ($1).