mumblebungle.pngProteas and Gurney join the likes of the curiously titled 30 Flights of Loathing, World of Glue, and Spy Parity in Pippin Barr's Mumble Indie Bungle for Windows and Mac. Linux users, as is often the case with bundles, get the shaft (thanks, Barr!). Those who brave the freeware bundle will find an odd mix of typing, sticky platforming, harvesting, and heist-cooperating games.

While five games for free from the clever Pippin Barr is something worth celebrating, the fact that he is also asking fans to pay what they want for a game is great, too! What the heck is Carp Life? Well, it's the fictitious IFG Grand Prize Winner. Duh. That aside, certainly the sum of Pippin Barr's works are worth at least a $1.