rrr1.jpgCreated by a 3-person team purely for fun, RunRabbitRun! was first released via the Russian social media site Pikabu about 2 months ago. Despite being met with general acclaim and netting over 11,000 downloads, the game has received little to no coverage in the English-speaking press--up until now. RunRabbitRun! is a fast, fun, polished platformer that should not be missed!

Unlike the phrase's usual meaning, the title of RunRabbitRun! is not metaphorical. You control a rabbit (with the left and right arrow keys or A and D) and you run. Also (with the up arrow or spacebar), you jump. And guess what? You also die a lot. If you enjoy games like Super Meat Boy (that must be a cliche by now) and KRUNCH, then you'll find a whole lot to like about RunRabbitRun!

Happily, there is no wall-jumping involved. Jumping in this game is all about attaining the proper velocity and maintaining control during the jump and then sticking the landing. You can alter your trajectory in mid-jump, and that's a skill you'll have to master to keep your bunny alive, but you're always fighting inertia. You'll have to make sure you gather enough inertia for some jumps, and make sure not to muster too much for others.You'll need to maintain control at high velocities and any brush with a nearby spike or buzzsaw is certain death.

The art in RunRabbitRun! deserves a special mention. The rabbit and other animals are stylized silhouettes; they and the textured levels are presented against pastel-colored, serene images of trees or snowcapped mountains--scenes that make an interesting juxtaposition with the blood-spattered circular saws and deadly spike pits that dot the levels. Most any screenshot from RunRabbitRun! makes a lovely composition. A glance at the game may remind you of Limbo, but starring a demented cartoon bunny. This is a good thing in my book. Kudos to the soundtrack, as well. The music is gorgeous, featuring live instrumentation and a variety of styles and moods.

RunRabbitRun! has received such a warm reception in Russia that it is no longer just a hobby project. The development team are currently porting the game to mobile platforms while also working on finishing chapters 2-5. When the full version of the game is completed, the first chapter will remain a free demo, but the full version will be a commercial release. Each chapter will contain 20 levels and a handful of "secret levels" that may be discovered by the player.

You can download the full first chapter of RunRabbitRun! for free or just play the first few levels online.