Norway-based Krillbite Studio announced via newsletter a Kickstarter campaign has launched for its first-person horror adventure Among the Sleep, in which you play as a two-year-old trying to reunite with his family. The game features no traditional combat, and the video shows some of the tight spaces in which the player must hide from enemies. The video also demonstrates some of the recording techniques the team is using to create sounds to heighten the atmosphere players will explore.

A year has passed since we posted the trailer for this scary game coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux. Krillbite hoping to finish Among the Sleep towards the end of this year, and they hope the Kickstarter will let the team of 13 quit their part time jobs to focus on completing the project.

The project has reached over 20% of its $200,000 goal since yesterday. The $20 tier will provide one copy of the game, where the $30 copy will provide two. A $5,000 pledge will net a handmade teddy bear.