The Game Bakers promises a pure arena fighting experience without virtual d-pad controls in Combo Crew, coming May 2013 for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. The Squids developer remains committed to supporting mobile games, and according to the above trailer and the one after the jump, it will do so with simple gestures, quick matches, stylish graphics, and slick animation.

The above off-camera footage shows how some of the swipe controls work. According to The Game Baker's blog, Combo Crew's controls involve one-finger swipes to punch and kick, taps to counter attack, and two-finger swipes for special combo moves. The developer says it's the first beat'em up for mobile to have touch controls and asynchronous multiplayer across iOS and Android, too.

The game's arena-based gameplay will allow for quick sessions across multiple game modes (including single-player, co-op, and an "endless" mode). All this fighting will include plenty of power-ups and bonus moves to unlock.

[source: Touch Arcade]