Reunion.jpeg Reunion is a game by HakoGames made for GameZanga (Arabic Gamejam organized by GameTako) and it was originally made as an Arabic browser game. After GameZanga ended, HakoGames improved it and translated it to English and uploaded it as a free game for Android phones.

Reunion is really interesting short game where you guide a father in the darkness to find his way through the forest, while watching out for snakes, bears and ... "something" else and try to find his son who ran into that forest. You will be relying on your ears to figure out if dangers are looming ahead, so you may want to put on your headphones, and prepare for a chilling experience.

What makes it more interesting is the ending part of the game but I don't want to talk about it because I don't want to spoil it.

[Ahmed Abdel Samea is an Egyptian Game Developer and can be found on Twitter]