SkywardCollapseTeaser2wLogo.pngArcen Games, the Red Bull of developers, never sleeps. Instead, the team has two new games in the pipeline, including the above-pictured turn-based 4x simulation god-game Skyward Collapse. Players oversee two warring factions (Greeks and Norse) and win by having the most carnage points generated without either side committing genocide. Arcen is far into development with Skyward Collapse, stating a beta may start before the end of April, with a 1.0 following in May.

exodusmachine.pngNext up is Exodus Of The Machine a mix of strategy and Oregon Trail journeying, set in the universe of Arcen's AI War: Fleet Command. Players here will lead a team trapped on a hostile planet and pursuing a threat which could wipe out humanity. Exodus Of The Machine coming later in 2013.

Lastly, about that sale, that's five Arcen Games on Steam for 75% each. This includes the recently released Shattered Haven and A Valley Without Wind 2, along with AI War, A Valley Without Wind, and Tidalis.