goscurry.jpgSpeeding along the skyroad in your rocket car and watching the road assemble itself in front of you is exhilarating--until you miss a hairpin turn and plummet to the lovely cityscape below. This is Goscurry, Holoville Games' (Stackout) entry into the Edge Get Into Games Challenge 2013. It's an alpha demo release, but the game is fully playable and ready to satisfy your need for speed (and for precision handling).

Goscurry is a fast game, and precision is the only way to survive. Thankfully, the controls are super-responsive. In fact, I found myself making turns too early more often than too late. All you need to pilot your vehicle are the arrow keys: left and right to make sharp turns, up (or z) to jump, and down (or x) to evade. As you zoom along the floating road, gaps and barriers pop up which must be jumped. Dividers appear which must be evaded. But your biggest obstacles are the 90 degree turns with which you'll become quite familiar. To travel far, you'll need to stay alert and watch your timing. Goscurry has a rhythm to it that will help you survive, if you can relax enough to feel it.

I enjoyed the Hard mode the most. In Training and Hard modes, the camera follows your craft; in Pro mode, the camera is fixed. This seriously increases the difficulty, as the left and right arrow keys now function relative to your direction of travel, turning you counterclockwise and clockwise, respectively. Obstacles that must be jumped or evaded only show up in Hard and Pro modes. Pro mode also introduces something called "Speedfreak mode", where things get absolutely insane. Good luck!

Made in Unity, the completed version of Goscurry is slated for release on just about every platform, but you can go play Goscurry in your browser now.