quantumcorps.pngIn the Detroit of the far future (2002 to be precise), gangs of illegal substance manufacturers have taken over the city. The police have assembled an elite unit of gangbusters to raid the drug factories and restore order in the streets: The Quantum Corps. As a member of this special squad, your weapons in the war against crime are time manipulation, gravity control, and a big gun.

Quantum Corps is an endless running, gravity flipping, shoot-em-up browser game presented in scrumptious pixel graphics. It's the new release from Hypnohustler Games AKA Roope Tamminen, developer of Barbarium, who informed us about his new game via email. Like the developer's previous game, Quantum Corps is an exciting, retro-future take on a classic pulp genre. It is shorter and faster than Barbarium, and was developed in a month as a "palate cleanser" after that game's two-year development cycle.

Across 30 levels of mayhem, you try to destroy as much drug-making equipment and pop as many substance-slinging punks as possible while staying alive. You can't stop running forward, but you can use the Z key to slow time. You can't jump, but the C key flips gravity. The X key fires your hand cannon. The effects of your gun are sadistically satisfying, as equipment shorts out and explodes, and gang members convulse in a dance of death until you stop shooting them, whereupon they collapse to the ground and you just keep on running.

Quantum Corps is fast and fun. The real goal of the game is to improve your score across multiple plays of each level. It can be fairly easy to make it through a level alive, but to do so while scoring a lot of points is much more of a challenge. Are you up for it?