ccatch1.jpgThe full version of ccatch, which was previously available as a beta, has been released in all its glory and I suggest you don't play it if you don't want a new gaming addiction. ccatch takes bits of Breakout, Kaboom, and Tetris and uses them as a launching pad for what seems like a classic waiting to be discovered. ccatch feels retro, with its simple 2-D polygon graphics, but it's a thoroughly modern action game that bridges the divide between casual and hardcore. I would compare it favorably to a game like Super Hexagon.

You have to see ccatch in motion to truly appreciate it. The game plays fast and smoothly, and the screen shaking effect when you get hit is spectacular. ccatch is simple to control and easy to understand. You use the mouse to move a Pong-like paddle back and forth. But there are no balls to bat in this game. Different shapes, each shape bearing a certain color, rain down from above. You need to catch the shapes that match your color and avoid the shapes that don't. When you intercept a shape of your color, the ground beneath you rises up. The higher you rise, the more difficult it becomes to catch the right shapes and avoid the wrong ones. Rise high enough and you clear the level.

If you fail to dodge a shape of the wrong color, 3 things happen: the play area shakes (epilepsy warning); the ground falls a little; and, most interestingly, your paddle changes to the color of the shape that struck you. Now you have to collect say, pink triangles instead of blue circles, and avoid the circles you had so recently been collecting. And think fast, because here come some shapes now!

The music that soundtracks ccatch also deserves attention. The song by sombreronegro is driving and infectious, a perfect backdrop to the furious gameplay of ccatch.

I've played ccatch over and over and over, and I'm still in love with its slick style and solid, ingenious game mechanics. Don't miss this one. ccatch was created by Eduard Anton and, being an HTML5 game, is playable in most browsers--though Chrome is recommended--and you can even play it on some mobile touch devices.